When life gives you lemons


There were two little girls sitting at a lemonade stand on Webster Avenue, and I remembered the days when I used to sell it for a quarter. Let’s give these girls some business, I thought. I know how it feels.

After getting our drinks, I noticed a bunch of papers attached to the table and asked what they were selling for.

Childhood cancer, they said. alex

I used to pocket all of my money or maybe use it to visit the ice cream truck when it came around, so I was instantly in awe of their compassion and dedication – I had seen them selling the day before as well.

They earned $300 in a day. And while these two girls were sitting alone on a neighborhood block, I learned that similar lemonade stands were set up on neighborhood blocks across America for the same cause.

Alex’s Lemonade Stand has raised $60 million since 2000, when 4-year-old Alex Scott started her first stand in Connecticut. The project funds more than 300 research projects, but the girls at the stand on Webster say that this isn’t enough. Childhood cancer isn’t funded as heavily as other forms.

But when life gives you lemons, make lemonade… and share it.

These girls were not just an example of dedicated lemonade-stand entrepreneurs – they were a creative case of social good. Sometimes it feels like more of life’s problems should be seen through the eyes of a little girl.

And if I had it my way – I would sell this lemonade everywhere.




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