I conclude to not conclude

“Pshht! Nothing is ever final.”  my mom once told me.

I think I was referring to a relationship at the time, something was ending, and I felt like it was the end of the world. Well this is how it worked itself out — the boy found his way back into my life, though not in the same way as before. Whereas the first time around I found puppy love, the second time I found friendship. The conclusion is this: Many of the people you meet will find their way back into your lives in the most bizarre ways, so be good to everyone, and be careful how you react to people.. the first time they come into your lives. Assume everyone will have a lasting impact on you, even if just in memory.

Caution: I would say something of this sort, as I’m the type of person to never let go of anything. I’m a hoarder. I have kept every note I’ve ever been given, movie tickets and flowers too. Even beyond the physical items though I’ve found myself collecting people. The kid from high school that I ran into again in college. The one source I’ve used in a story that became my friend. My college roommate that is now entering the same graduate program I am in. You can leave high school, college, or end a project — but somehow, none of these things end, they find you again in the future, and nothing is final.

The lovely paradox is this — we’re forced to live our lives as if everything is final.

Live as if you’ll die tomorrrow

This means do your best work now. This lesson is applicable to relationships, yes, but even more applicable to work. When I go on video shoots, I try to work quickly to take up less time of my interview subjects. But when I leave, I’m disappointed when I don’t get good enough shots. You only have one shot to get it right, you don’t want to go back a second time.

But when your shots aren’t good enough — you can learn to edit better. You learn to improvise. And even when you finish a story, it is still in the back of your hard drive to go back and finish whenever you want to. Or even better — you can go back and turn it into something else.

And the conclusion is this — I conclude to not conclude. I conclude to create.

And so it makes the most sense to live as though everything is final, but recognize that the next time something appears in your life, it will be in the form of something new.


Illustration by Jennifer Paros - Copyright 2009 authormagazine.org

Illustration by Jennifer Paros – Copyright 2009 authormagazine.org


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