For production purposes only.

Live life with open eyes and an open heart – and everything falls into place. This is how I live my life. This, I found, does not always work. You can live all you want, absorbing all that you want, you can live inspired. But at the end of the day, living is not enough. You must also produce. At the end — what we are is an accumulation of what we do.

What you do speaks so loudly that I cannot hear what you say.

– Ralph Waldo Emerson

I think this is especially pertinent for someone in college or grad school. We are full of potential but for the most part, potential is all we’ve got. As a young journalist, I have nothing to show, so when people talk to me — sources or employers — it’s out of pure faith. But faith is hard to earn. You must produce. You must have something to show for yourself. People yearn for truths that are tangible to build their faith on.

Easier said than done.

Some of the coolest things we do and experience never make it on our resumes because our resumes only showcase pure results. In the last few months I have learned things that have transformed me just from sitting back, learning and listening — but boy do I wish my life were just about learning. “We are not in the business of knowing things, we are in the business of reporting them,” my business professor said to our class a month ago. The producing part is the truly transformative part. The part where you can take an idea and write a feature, craft a proposal or build a business from it.

The part where you take what you know and create something new — the part where you produce — is where you turn from just a cauldron of potential to a person who is inspiring on your own right. I think this is where we earn our personalities — I think this is where we earn our faith.

Life is a constant balancing act of how much we sit back, listen and learn and how much we take that knowledge and create something new. Both are equally as important. But at the end of the day, it’s your production as a person that adds value to this world.

Live life with open eyes and an open heart. But also live life to create something beautiful.


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