Holiday Blues

Post Thanksgiving blues. Black Friday. Cyber Monday… and today, Tuesday.

The post-Thanksgiving blues are hard to shake, so much so that I couldn’t really do it until today. But here’s the good news: a brisk five mile run on Sunday, one on Monday, and one today shed off the turkey and the sadness that followed all my friends and family slowly leaving my warm home in New Jersey to restart their lives in their respective hometowns.


I think holidays are important because they give you a moment to regroup and recharge. Regroup because time spent away from chasing a dream and simply living, breathing, existing with your family does a lot to remind you that you’re alive, and you are only, magnificently human. Recharge because the daily grind wears us out, and we often forget that we love the things we do, and we often forget to breathe. And we walk out of them much stronger than how we came in.

I hope everyone is enjoying this amazing, subliminal time in between Thanksgiving and Christmas that lets us recharge and regroup at such a quick pace so we can start the new year as our best selves.



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