The Beginning…

I believe in beginnings.

I write on the first day of every year. I believe that the first day of the week is a chance to start over. It’s refreshing — yesterday’s mistakes don’t roll over into today.

Today is the beginning of me believing that I can be a writer. I’m writing to you because this is the beginning of my journey as a journalist.

Bill Handy is the coordinator of my program at Northwestern, Medill School of Journalism. “You’re a journalist. It may not feel like it yet, but you are one,” he said. He’s right, it doesn’t feel like it. I don’t feel like I have the skills I need yet to write well enough to make a difference. But you’ve got to start somewhere.

Medill is my opportunity to incubate. I feel like I have room for error, because here I can learn from error. Sometimes people are afraid to begin something because they don’t know how it will end. I don’t know how this journey will end, but fear of failure is the enemy to creativity. It’s not that I believe I can be a journalist because all of a sudden I’ve become better at writing. I believe I can be a journalist because today… I’m a little less afraid of failure.

So this is my beginning. Here’s to the unknown. Wish me luck.


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